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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you giving all these followers away for free?
When we started this business, we used to sell Instagram followers and it’s quite good due to less competition. Things have drastically changed in the recent past and we can no longer make money from selling Instagram followers due to heightened competition. With our effective methods of gaining Instagram followers, we have decided to offer them freely and cash in on our advertising campaigns. We therefore, gain from the advertising campaigns we have due to our ever busy website.

Could my account get banned from using this service?
We get many questions concerning account security when using this service. Well, your account is safe when you use our services. We provide secure services that are very safe to use. This means banning is not an option for anyone using our service. This is because we provide real Instagram followers, thus making it impossible to ban an account.

How many followers or likes I can receive maximum?
You can get a maximum of 11k likes or followers per day. You can request only once a day. This helps us in maintaining the authenticity of our users’ accounts. Even so, 11k is still a good number of likes and followers one can have given the fact that many people strive to even reach a few hundred. Depending on your consistency of request, you can build an as large fan base as you want and become a celebrity.

Benefits of having more followers on Instagram

There are many benefits of having more Instagram followers. Check out some of the leading benefits here below.

  • Increased popularity:
    One of the major benefits of having more followers is that you will increase your popularity on Instagram. As a social media platform, Instagram provides an avenue for getting popular, thus the need to have many followers. This is particularly beneficial to celebrities or people who want to become celebrities.
  • Increased sales:
    Many Instagram followers are also beneficial to companies or individuals selling their products online. If you are using Instagram to promote your product, you need many followers so that you increase your chances of getting more sales.
  • Increased traffic to your website:
    If you have a website that you are promoting on Instagram, you can easily boost its traffic by having many followers on Instagram. The more followers you have, the higher you chances of them getting to your website. With a good traffic flowing in your website, you can be sure of turning the traffic into real customers for your products or services.
  • Improves reputation:
    Reputation is an important thing in social media. Reputation can be earned by having more followers on Instagram. With many followers, you are bound to get good reputation since people will regard you as a point of reference. People look upon account holders who have many followers.
  • Increased engagement:
    One of the benefits of having more followers is that it helps in increasing engagement in your account. With many followers, you will be engaged more and your account will always be active. This helps in making your account active, thus inviting more followers to your account.

The benefits of having more Instagram followers are clearly meant for everyone on this social media platform to enjoy. Therefore, it is very clear that you should have more followers to get all the above plus many other benefits.